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3 Unforgettable Pasta Books

Red - Penne al Peperoncino (Chili) Calabro
Bright red penne with Peperoncino from Calabria - high-quality hard wheat pastry pressed in bronze molds and slowly dried - the very special experience on the table!
The Pasta Book, which tells the fate of Italy and the pasta - a product of the highest quality as ambassador of gastronomic culture in the world. 500g

Black - Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia (Cuttle)
Black as ebony: Natural sepia provides for the wonderfully intense color of this exclusive spaghetti. A pasta classic, which is served in the trattoria often with gently fried seafood. 500g

Gold - Tagliatelle al Tartufo
When seductive truffles meet elegant ribbon noodles, a classy pasta for the special occasion arises. With a pinch of butter and Parmesan, you can conjure up an exquisite meal with the noble mushroom pasta. Eat like in the Ristorante! 500g

High quality packaging that tells the story of pasta and Italy. Beautiful gift ideas!