p BAG Phone Cardholder with NanoSuction and RFID/NFC Protection

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The first tiny cardholder with NanoSuction. It's easy to stick it on every smooth, flat surfaces. Sticks without being sticky.

You can use it more then once. Get Yours!   

Stick the p BAG on every smooth flat surfaces and store credit cards, money, tickets, mp3 Player, spoons, toothpicks, toothbrushes, candys...

  • SECURITY - Protect your RFID chip credit and ID cards from electronic pickpockets while still having the ability to use tap-to-pay transit cards and phone apps at the same time!
  • TRAVEL LIGHT - Hold 6 cards (credit, debit, transit, driver's license, student ID, business cards, hotel room key, gym membership, etc), cash folds, earphones, cosmetics, bluetooth devices and more! DURABLE ELASTIC FABRIC holds everything tight -- even when upside down and shaken -- the p BAG won't drop anything. Our secure NanoSuction attaches on every smooth flat surfaces won't fall off, yet can be cleanly removed anytime and restuck.
  • SIZE - Fits just about every smartphone or case - DIMENSIONS Width/Height/Thickness 58mm/89mm/2mm - Check your phone/case to ensure a good fit, some phone models have speakers on the back. A range of colors makes it suitable as a men's & women's smartwallet alike. The slim minimal design makes it one of those cellphone accessories that allows you to carry only what you need but leave your bulky wallet behind when going to a bar, outdoors, walk the dog, run to the store.
  • CLEAN NANOSUCTION - Clean and rejuvenate your NanoSuction by wiping it with a damp cloth or paper towel and allowing it to dry. You can also use cellophane tape (like Scotch brand Tape) for a waterless method to clean the surface of NanoSuction.